The Contagion of Positive Momentum

“…[C]an create positive momentum in other parts of your life …”

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot along these lines. So, it was a pleasant surprise when I received this note from my Bible app, reminding me that when we’re committed to chasing Jesus and following His plan, he’s faithful to mature us into the creatures he’s called us to be–in all areas of life. No matter where we start, no matter our deficiencies, peaks and valleys are part of the transformation process.

In a practical parallel, today’s 60-minute run totally sucked. I knew it would. My alarm chirped, I grunted. My legs are tired and two toenails are threatening to abandon ship. I knew I wasn’t up to running at the height of my ability. And I was right, my doubts were confirmed every. single. time. I stole a peek at the Garmin.

But not every day can be the #bestrunofmylife. Following the plan means some days will be better than others. My job is to surrender to it, slog through the valleys, and celebrate the peaks, work the process and remain confident that the plan will shape me into a better athlete.

Which brings me back to the truth shared in YouVersion’s email. Honestly, without the momentum that came from following through in one area of my life (sticking to my Bible-reading plan), I’m convinced it would be infinitely harder to break new trails in other areas.

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