Fresh Starts

IMG_0257What better way to celebrate Easter than with a sunrise run on Assateague Island? We escaped the city, to free up some pew space for DC’s Easter-Christmas crowd and to take a break from over-priced tapas and tourists taking selfies in front of the Washington Monument.

The biggest lesson we learned in a seaside town far away from the Land of Ladder-Climbing Millennials and Traffic Jams?

City Folk are ill equipped to handle unstructured time.

Without a clear blueprint of how to spend our hours, we ate 5 meals a day (in the same two restaurants), paced up and down Main St., and glanced at our watches every 7 minutes.

I even sat patiently on a barstool while my husband watched a 3-hour baseball game in a local pub. An unlikely setting for me to be tallying up just how much money I’d saved by abstaining from alcohol during Lent. A post in and of itself.

When I proudly stumbled on the idea to sign up for a 9:00 am yoga class (one that required me to hang suspended from a silk bed sheet) you’d have thought I brokered a peace deal in the Middle East. That’s 60 less minutes I’d have to plan. Namaste!

But no matter what we did or didn’t do, this truth wasn’t far from my mind during Resurrection weekend.

“The central Christian belief is that Christ’s death has somehow put us right with God and given us a fresh start.” –C.S. Lewis


Here’s my weekly recap:

4/10 Weights-lower body
4/11 4 miles @ 9:15
4/12 Rest
4/13 9.81 miles @ 9:10
4/14 4 miles @ 8:37
4/15 Ariel Yoga
4/16 3 miles easy @ 9:28 (distracted by wild ponies)

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